University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles,

Workforce Housing Needs Assessment

In 2008 the University of California, Los Angeles retained B&D to conduct a workforce housing needs assessment for the university’s faculty and staff. Located in one of the most attractive and expensive housing markets in the country, the university had experienced challenges in ensuring the availability of affordable housing for its workforce and was seeking creative ways to ease housing costs in order to compete more favorably for top faculty and staff. Our approach consisted of a demand analysis that included stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, a statistical survey, and a demand model. We then proceeded with a supply analysis that included an economic and market overview, identifying existing conditions of housing for the target market area, and assembling market supply statistics. Finally, we analyzed several peer institutions, detailing the wide variety of tools and programs used by other institutions to provide or help attain affordable workforce housing for their faculty and staff. As a result, we recommended the university adopt a workforce housing strategy to address identified demand. Critical elements of this strategy included using university land, acquiring or building 650 rental units, implementing a tiered approach to managing rental/lease assets, and diversifying loan programs.