Climax Molybdenum


Workforce Housing Market Study

The Climax mine in Leadville, Colorado was one of the largest molybdenum mines in the world and its longest running. It opened in 1915 and operated until 1986. In its day, it provided stable and well-paying jobs to thousands of miners. In 2011, Climax Molybdenum engaged B&D to perform a workforce housing market analysis for Leadville and Lake County as it was preparing the mine for a potential reopening. Our work included: a review of existing documentation and information about the local area; a series of stakeholder interviews to assess the local housing market; a demographic analysis of the local market to understand its major characteristics and their impact on housing; a housing supply analysis, both rental and for-sale; and an affordability analysis to determine the required income needed to purchase a home locally. We were able to identify and analyze these key elements of the local housing market in which a majority of Climax Molybdenum’s employees would live.