University of Miami

Coral Gables,

Wellness Center Feasibility Analysis

In 1998 the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Medical Center selected B&D to evaluate developing a fee-funded, contemporary wellness center. The Medical Center’s objective was to provide the administration and student leaders with sufficient information to determine the feasibility of developing a facility. Our scope of work included focus group interviews, written survey development and analysis, conceptual program development, and preliminary financial analysis. To assess the feasibility and value of the development of expanded recreational and fitness facilities, the university sought to understand the size and nature of facilities required to meet demand, and revenues and expenses required if that demand were met. It was also important to understand the extent to which such improvements would advance the quality of life for employees. We developed a market analysis strategy to provide qualitative and quantitative information needed to achieve a full understanding of these issues. We recommended the concept of a hospital-based wellness center. The university approved the concept and initiated design and construction of the $14.3 million project. As a result, the 60,000 SF Medical Wellness Center opened in 2006. The facility includes 15,000 SF fitness center, three group fitness instructional classrooms, and a dedicated group cycling studio.