WEBB Campus Program Management

In December 2012, KIPP DC hired B&D to manage the process of upgrading an existing building into a facility that would host three academies from pre-K3 through 8th grade totaling 1,100 students. Key services included facilitating the professional selections for the design team and the construction manager-at-risk team. B&D also verified the outline program of space needs, the budget, and the schedule constraints. Stakeholder management involved a principal for each of the three academies, as well as central office administration. As a long-term ground lease within the parameters of the District’s surplus-disposition process under the Landrau Act, the project required management of various coordination efforts for access, approvals, and compliance. With a District-owned field directly adjacent to the school site, B&D also assisted in establishing a field-use agreement for KIPP DC. The scope of the renovation included a significant replacement of all mechanical, electrical, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems, as well as new roofing, new windows, and new flooring, paint, and ceiling tiles. A modern telecommunications and security system also was included. The overall project would be $28.5 million, financed with municipal bonds. By 2013 one 30,000 SF wing was fully renovated and opened to the first 300 students in grades pre-K3 to kindergarten. This first phase’s scale and timing were critical to enabling KIPP DC to achieve its growth, enrollment, and revenue targets. The second phase included the full renovation of the remaining 35,000 SF of space as well as the additional 38,000 SF of new multipurpose space and classrooms. This phase was completed in 2014.