Southeast Missouri State University

Cape Girardeau,

University Housing And Greek Village Master Plan

In 2012 Southeast Missouri State University selected B&D and Treanor Architects to complete a University Housing and Greek Village Master Plan that would determine the feasibility of developing a Greek Village on the Cape Girardeau campus. The plan focused on understanding the university’s strategic goals, determining demand for Greek housing from the Greek chapters on campus, reviewing relevant case studies, and developing a recommended program and architectural concepts. The feasibility of these concepts was tested in detailed financial models that were based upon criteria designed to meet the university’s financial goals and requirements. The B&D team’s market research and program development consisted of campus-wide focus group interviews; a student survey and housing demand analysis; an off-campus housing market review; a peer school competitive context analysis; financial modeling; meetings with individual Greek chapters, alumni, and national organizations; program feasibility review; and architectural concept development. We developed a program for an on-campus Greek Village that would meet student needs while ensuring sufficient space to house the Greek population. However, our financial model demonstrated that the Greek Village model would not be feasible. So we were tasked with conceptualizing an option that would address student and chapter needs, while also meeting the university’s strategic and financial goals. Our team recommended an 840 square foot expansion of each chapter house’s lounge, resulting in larger spaces for meetings, events, and socialization in 10 distinct spaces. The expansion would dramatically alter the exterior of the Greek Hill buildings, generating significant opportunities for chapters to express their individual identity and uniqueness. Our financial model verified the feasibility of this $4,680,000 project.