University of California, Riverside


University Club Feasibility Analysis And Programming

In 2006 the University of California, Riverside selected B&D to conduct a feasibility study of a university club for the campus. The previous club had had a long history of measurable contributions to the quality of life for the university’s faculty and staff, but it was closed in 2000 and moved to the Bam Restaurant, an operation of campus dining services. The restaurant space was much smaller and was available to the entire university community. We were tasked with determining the feasibility of re-establishing a fully functional university club, and our work consisted of: a review of club operating documents and a prior survey by the Faculty Senate; interviews with faculty, staff and key administrators; an electronic survey of faculty, staff, librarians, researchers, and graduate students; visits to peer university clubs; and a tour of potential Riverside sites for a new club. As a result, we determined that if the university decided to proceed with a new university club, the operation would cost approximately $5.24 million to construct and outfit. We suggested that the food and beverage operation be managed through a partnership with dining services and the club board to provide a capable operator and built-in marketing capacity to contribute to any construction or renovation costs.