Young Harris College

Young Harris,

Transportation And Parking Master Plan Management

In 2009 B&D was retained by Young Harris College to manage the creation of a preliminary transportation and parking master plan document. The purpose of the planning study was to provide a detailed technical analysis to identify and describe the recommendations for improvements needed to address the college’s campus expansion plans in both the near- and long-term. The college wanted the master plan document to produce centralized master plan-level solutions as a guide for the design teams working on the present and future development of multiple campus facilities as the college transitioned from a two- to a four-year institution. The creation of a common source of information would ensure that the college efficiently included the development and budgeting for improvements to the campus roadway infrastructure and the pedestrian and vehicular components of each project throughout the implementation of the campus facilities master plan. We assisted the college in the selection of Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin as the engineering / urban design firm and continued to manage the schedule, process, development, and eventual production of the physical master plan document. The specific tasks required included: evaluating the existing conditions of the internal campus roadway, parking network, and bicycle/pedestrian accommodations; examining existing traffic conditions external to campus; analyzing the future needs for campus parking, intersection improvements, and roadway siting; determining areas that currently were, or would be, deficient for the college’s transportation needs; establishing recommendations that could be implemented to remedy deficiencies identified in the existing conditions analysis; providing recommendations for the phased implementation of campus transportation improvements; conducting preliminary site feasibility and design of recommended improvements; and providing cost estimates for the implementation of the various recommended improvements.