United States Tennis Association

Howard County,

Tennis Complex Preliminary Assessment And Financial Analysis

In 2006, the United States Tennis Association – Mid-Atlantic Maryland chapter (USTA-MD) hired B&D to conduct an analysis for a proposed new tennis facility in Howard County, Maryland. The goals of the study were to determine if there were demand for a new tennis facility in Howard County, to identify the most likely user groups, and to develop an appropriate outline program of architectural requirements for what a proposed facility might have in terms of courts and amenities. In order to conduct this analysis, we used existing studies and data provided by the USTA-MD, materials and data publicly available, and our database of sports participation rates. We collected and analyzed demographic data, documented the inventory of public and private tennis facilities within an approximate ten-mile radius of the proposed facility, and examined any municipal or public planning initiatives that might impact our recommendations. We determined that Howard County had an optimum demographic profile for tennis participation and a deficit of tennis facilities for its region. Therefore, we recommended that USTA-MD move forward with the development of a new facility. This effort was followed by a request from USTA-MD that we prepare a detailed financial analysis of a proposed tennis complex. We delivered a financial model that outlined projected revenues and operating expenses for a proposed facility. Armed with these materials, USTA-MD proceeded with negotiations with the county to determine the size and location of the complex.