The University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio,

Tennis Center Preliminary Assessment

The University of Texas at San Antonio engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey in the summer of 2016 to complete a preliminary assessment of a new tennis center on the West Campus. The university was preparing an RFP to solicit qualified developers / operators for the construction and operation of the center and sought B&D’s advisory services to accurately measure demand before making go / no-go decisions. The proposed project was planned to host a variety of amateur and professional tennis-related events and was expected to include:

• A center court with spectator seating
• At least 12 outdoor courts
• At least six covered courts
• Spectator and player support spaces.

In creating this assessment, B&D completed a preliminary market analysis that included a demographic study, participation analysis, an area supply and demand analysis, and a benchmark analysis of competitive facilities. Additionally, B&D created an event calendar based on the venue’s expected operating paradigm and a financial analysis to quantify potential revenue streams needed to meet required operating expenses.

B&D concluded that the supply of existing tennis courts within the primary service area was adequate to support market demand. The construction of no less than 19 new courts at the tennis center suggests that the owner / operator would have to offer competitively-priced membership rates and provide added amenities in order to attract participants from other facilities. After B&D’s assignment concluded, UTSA issued an RFP for the development, construction, and operation of the facility. It will serve the UTSA tennis program, tennis academies, tournaments, and the community.