Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Student/workforce/alumni Housing Master Plan, Master Plan Update, And Financial Assessments

In 2011 B&D was selected by Southern Illinois University Carbondale to develop a housing master plan. As a part of this plan, we analyzed the demand for housing for all student groups. In addition, the plan tested the interest for faculty/staff housing and an alumni retirement community. We created a comprehensive, Web-based survey that was distributed to each group and served as the basis for the demand projections. A market analysis also was completed to study the off-campus rental market, compare the housing systems of the university’s main competitors, and understand student housing preferences. Based on that analysis, demand projections, and university priorities, we produced several specific project concepts. For undergraduate students, we determined the existing housing supply was adequate to meet current and future demand, but the deferred maintenance issues and negative impact the buildings had on recruiting necessitated immediate action. A phasing plan was created to replace three high-rise residence halls with a new residence hall community that, while maintaining a similar number of total on-campus beds, would elevate housing into a recruiting asset. This strategy was shown to be financially feasible through a system-wide financial model that projected modest rental rate increases in order to finance the project. We returned to campus in 2013 to be part of the project implementation team and assist in testing the project’s financial feasibility. We worked closely with the design team and the Office of University Housing to update the initial master plan program, the budget, and the operating pro forma. A construction budget was established at approximately $51.5 million for 896 beds. Then in 2015 we returned to campus to update our financial assessment.