Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Daytona Beach,

Student Union Programming And Financial Analysis

In 2013 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University selected B&D to conduct a comprehensive planning and programming analysis to guide the design and construction of a new on-campus student union. The university sought to enhance the overall campus experience through this project while also addressing its growing space needs and providing a central hub of activity and student services delivery. The objective of the analysis was to size and characterize the campus’s space needs by developing a recommended program of union spaces, thus providing a road map for the union’s design and construction. Our scope of work included a visioning session with senior administrators to determine the project’s strategic objectives and to ensure that they aligned with the University’s ideals. Next, we completed stakeholder interviews, focus group interviews, and programming charrettes, and then developed and distributed an Internet-based student survey. Survey results informed our proprietary demand-based programming formula, translating the results into quantifiable and market-responsive space requirements. Additionally, a peer benchmarking analysis was conducted to characterize student services operations at higher education institutions across the country that deployed a similar one-stop-shop paradigm. Finally, we developed an outline of spaces for the 225,066 GSF union, which would provide accommodations for eating, socializing, entertainment, studying, shopping, and resting. The project’s major space allocations include 20,000 SF for lounge space, 25,310 SF for library and experiential learning space, 24,250 SF for foodservice, and 15,275 SF for study space. Our programming ensured the maximum use of high-impact areas by minimizing administrative space, accomplished by grouping the administrative components into nodes by purpose, space needs, and activity pattern, and allowing for the cross-utilization of common spaces by all users.