California State University, Monterey Bay


Student Union Preliminary Assessment, Feasibility Study, Design Support, And Financial Analysis Update

In 2012, the Otter Student Union at California State University, Monterey Bay selected B&D to prepare a Phase 1 preliminary analysis of a student union feasibility study. The goal of the project was to determine the need for a student union on campus and to perform a preliminary analysis of the financial impact of initial concepts. We conducted the following analyses as part of Phase 1: a visioning session to determine the advantages and disadvantages of current student facilities; focus groups and stakeholder interviews with students, faculty, and staff to gain qualitative information regarding current use of space and unmet needs; a benchmark analysis of other institutions in our internal database to understand how CSUMB’s Student Center compared to its peers; and the development of initial concepts and a preliminary financial impact analysis. As a result, we developed three preliminary programs, which were developed to address the University’s most important program elements. Preliminary financials were developed for each concept to determine project costs, operating expenses, and revenues. These options included: Option 1: A new 54,000 gross square foot student union building and a renovation of the Student Center into a recreation center ($42.9 million); Option 2: A new 52,000 gross square foot hybrid student union and recreation center facility ($36.5 million); Option 3: A new 47,000 gross square foot recreation center ($32.4 million). Later that year we were retained to complete the full feasibility study. In addition to participating in a one-day design charette with Cannon Design, we completed a more in-depth benchmark analysis, a student survey, programming, and an analysis of the proposed project’s financial impact. We were retained again in 2015 to update the financial analysis.