California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach,

Student Union Master Plan

In 2011 California State University, Long Beach’s Associated Students, Incorporated recognized its need for a student union master plan for improving the existing University Student Union to meet current needs. They called on B&D to provide this plan and analyze the market demand, financial realities, and conceptual solutions for improvement. Our approach included focus groups, interviews, Internet-based surveys, and an assessment of existing spaces within the union. We also benchmarked their union against competitor institutions and developed a detailed financial model to understand the costs and fees needed to support improvements. As a result, B&D developed four concepts for improvement. Each plan, ranging from $45 million to $90 million in total costs, would capitalize on the union’s existing foundation and location while also addressing many of its issues.


Cal State Long Beach students are visiting the University Student Union less than the national average of student union visits, according to a survey conducted by program management firm Brailsford & Dunlavey.