Immaculata University


Student Union Market Analysis And Programming

In 2005 B&D was retained by Immaculata University to perform a market analysis and program development for a student union. The school undertook this project as part of its repositioning from women-only undergraduate and part-time commuter graduate programs to comprehensive co-ed programs. The student union was seen as the central element of this plan. Our study included: an assessment of existing student facilities; an analysis of the proposed facility’s interface with the athletic center; a market analysis; focus groups and interviews with students, faculty, and administration; and a benchmarking analysis of ‘model’ union facilities. Operational considerations and rising construction costs required a phase-in of some components and a scale-down of others. We then created a detailed program. Phase l of the project will include all elements planned except a residential dining area and will be approximately 41,000 SF. Phase ll will add another 18,500 SF as the enrollment outgrows the existing dining hall.