Pennsylvania State University

University Park,

Student Union Expansion And Renovation Programming

In 2011 Pennsylvania State University hired B&D, along with GUND Partnership, to program the planned University Park Student Union expansion and renovation. The new Union space called for combining the existing Union and the campus bookstore into one fully integrated facility. Our scope of work included a student survey that revealed a high rate of interest in the proposed expansion and renovation. We divided the project into three distinct categories for programming: the new addition, the bookstore expansion, and the backfilling of vacant spaces created by the expansion and renovation. Our resulting programming document provided the university with general and specific requirements that included a description of the aesthetic design goals, a detailed description of the selected site, diagrams indicating preferred adjacencies, and a space-by-space summary of the project’s assignable program elements. Additionally, we formulated general guidelines for the construction process and performed a preliminary analysis of the cost per square foot for comparable union renovation and expansion projects.