Clayton State University


Student Union And Recreation Center Preliminary Assessment And Site Analysis

The overriding campus vision for Clayton State University was to create a complete college experience for its students. With that in mind, the university saw a need for a new recreation/student union facility that would serve as an integral part of that vision. In 2006 it enlisted B&D’s help to perform a preliminary assessment for the development of such a facility. Our scope of work included: a strategic analysis, administrator interviews, focus groups with students and faculty and staff, a financial analysis, and a preliminary competitive analysis. The project objectives we uncovered—which were the standards by which the project would be evaluated— were enhancement of educational outcomes, enrollment management, campus/university community, and financial performance. We presented several program options and analyzed the site selections as well. Soon thereafter, the university began construction of the new facility which opened in 2008. It is a combined recreation center and student union that houses a fitness center, two gymnasiums for basketball/volleyball/badminton, two group exercise studios, a ballroom, a TV lounge, student study areas, student organization offices, and a game room.