Loyola University Chicago


Student Union And Recreation Center Market Study And Financial Analysis

In 1995 B&D was retained by Loyola University Chicago to perform market and financial analyses in support of the development of a comprehensive program and financing plan for the renovation and expansion of Centennial Student Union and Halas Sports Center. Loyola undertook this project in order to not only enhance the quality and quantity of services offered to current students, but also to expand its applicant recruiting base to the national market. We completed a market analysis including interviews with potential user groups, demographic analyses, focus groups, surveys of competitive institutions and other institutions with “model” facilities, interviews with local brokers to assess the local market, and a written survey to assess student demand for services and sensitivity to various fee levels. We then developed an outline program that responded to the market demand for various services and activity spaces, and completed a detailed financial analysis that developed the university’s debt capacity for the proposed program. The financial model was tested under a range of interest rates, enrollments, student fees, and financial structuring options.