Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights,

Student Success Center Programming Support

Client Opportunities

Renovate 20,000 GSF of the University Center to create an engaging, student-centered environment for student service functions

Increase student retention and graduation rates, and serve students better

Include in the center a space and amenities for advising, as part of supporting the university’s new strategy for reaching students very early in the first semester via targeted, intrusive advising


B&D Approach

Reviewed existing project information and conducted working sessions with the steering committee to prioritize project goals and programmatic priorities

Conducted group and intercept interviews with students to broadly understand student service needs and preferences

Completed a benchmark analysis of one-stop service centers to identify trends and lessons learned across 8 universities

Performed an adjacency analysis to understand spatial relationships of program components and their impact on operations


Project Outcomes

Developed recommendations to improve inter-departmental communication with co-located services

Analyzed trends and opportunities regarding program components of one-stop service centers, ideal seating configurations, communications, cross-training employees

Provided recommendations regarding adjacencies to boost student engagement and satisfaction, as well as ability to serve students

The NKU Student Success Center opened in the Fall of 2013