Duke University


Student Recreation Master Plan And Program Of Architectural Requirements

In 1994, as part of a planning team headed by Sasaki Associates to develop a master plan for campus recreation and develop new facilities, Duke University retained the services of B&D. Our role was to advise the school on three issues: the potential for participation by a private developer in the financing and project management of the proposed recreation centers; the overall financial strategies for the projects and student free ranges needed to support various program options; and program allocations based on student demand for recreation facilities. We surveyed Duke’s students, faculty, and staff and developed a model to project demand. We also created a model projecting the project’s financial performance under a variety of student fees and external economic conditions. After completion of this master plan, B&D was hired directly to develop programs of architectural requirements for two recreation and fitness centers and the renovation of their Card Gymnasium. Duke completed several of the recommended projects, including: construction of the $5 million, 50,000 SF Brodie Recreation Center; construction of the $20 million, 99,000 SF Wilson West Campus Recreation Center; and renovations to Card Gymnasium and other recreation/athletic facilities throughout the campus.