Buena Vista University

Storm Lake,

Student Life Space Assessment, Detailed Feasibility Study, And Concept Development

In 2007 B&D was asked to work with Buena Vista University to assess all on-campus student gathering spaces and determine its ability to be reconfigured to better address student demand and satisfaction. The multi-purpose design of many existing spaces, combined with their dated décor and furnishings, limited the comfort that students found inviting and the number of planned and unplanned gatherings. Our analysis concluded that the gathering spaces were in line with the students’ needs in terms of size, and needed only to be reconfigured and refurnished to be brought up to date. Our study also uncovered a need for additional student housing and recommended developing apartment-style buildings lakeside to meet the demand for more varied housing types. In 2008 we were once again retained by Buena Vista to perform a concept development service addressing the construction of a new student activity center, the renovation of its Forum and two residential buildings, and the construction of a connector between those two buildings. The $13.1 million renovation was completed in August 2012 and immediately became LEED certified.


Presented by Jeff Turner and Keith Betts at the 2011 NASPA Conference.