San José State University

San José,

Student Life Facilities Feasibility Study

In 2006 B&D was retained by the Student Union, Inc. of San Jose State University to undertake a student life facilities feasibility study to include the student union, event center, sport club, aquatic center, and student health center. The objective was to provide the necessary information to make informed decisions about moving forward with new student life facilities. Our analysis consisted of: student/faculty/staff focus groups and interviews; off-campus research; a demand model; and two financial models. Our research and analyses revealed a growing demand for student life facilities on campus since existing ones were outdated and suffered from crowding. New facilities were seen as a way to help foster a sense of campus community. As a result, a new $33 million health and counseling is scheduled to open in 2013, while a $91 million renovation and expansion of the student union is scheduled for completion that same year.