Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis


Student Housing Needs Assessment

Client Opportunity

  • Explore the need for new student housing on its Indianapolis campus
  • Position any potential new housing both as a competitive amenity to help recruit out-of-state and international students and as a means of supporting retention and overall student success
  • Enhance the students’ comprehensive experience by bringing energy and activity to campus life, increasing engagement with the university and with each other

B&D Process

  • Conducted a Strategic Asset Value workshop with university stakeholders to identify and prioritize the strategic objectives that future projects must address to help advance the university’s permanent mission and vision
  • Analyzed the off-campus housing market to understand the key metrics affecting students who have chosen to live there
  • Led student focus groups and administered an internet-based survey to assess current housing patterns and demand preferences
  • Quantified student housing demand for various unit and occupancy types via a proprietary demand- based programming methodology

Project Highlights

  • B&D’s research and analysis outlined excess demand for on-campus living and quantified the competitive off-campus housing market
  • The plan outlined how 1,000 new on-campus beds should be developed in community-style and full-suite configurations
  • Recommendation was made to consider reserving a portion of the university’s housing supply for freshmen and graduate students
  • The recommended housing developments will expand access for those who will, in general, benefit the most and, therefore, help maximize the impact on student development and on the university’s strategic objectives
  • B&D’s strategic evaluation outlined the ways in which increased housing will help knit the campus together, creating scale and residential neighborhoods that are venues for out-of-class activities and that feed other centers of student life