College of Wooster


Student Housing Master Plan And Residential Conversion Analysis

In 2011 the College of Wooster wanted to evaluate the extent to which the college and its environs were meeting the college’s mission, keeping pace with national housing trends and philosophies, and addressing future demand for housing. B&D was charged with using this assessment to develop a long-range housing plan in response to its projected enrollment. Accordingly, we completed a comprehensive market and financial analysis and a phasing strategy for the maintenance of the college’s existing student housing facilities and the possible development of new on-campus housing. Our work entailed demand projections, campus interviews, and strategy development. We determined that the college’s existing housing was sufficient to meet student demand, but a shift in unit type and amenities would help it remain competitive with peer schools. We recommended the college build additional suite- and apartment-style units and renovate existing halls to decrease density and improve community space. Phase l of our approach would add a 150-bed suite-style residence for the 2014-15 academic year; Phase ll would add a 150-bed apartment-style hall to open for the 2019-20 academic year. This would allow the college to phase out inefficient houses and provide space for the remaining halls to be remodeled. In 2013 the college retained us to recommend the ideal program for a planned residential conversion of the Gault Family Learning Center. We analyzed three conceptual programmatic models for the newly conceived space, and also assessed the costs and revenue for each concept.