St. John Fisher College


Student Housing Master Plan Advisory Services

St. John Fisher College retained Brailsford & Dunlavey in the summer of 2016 to guide a comprehensive housing master planning process. The goal of this plan was to develop and implement a housing plan that would advance Fisher’s mission and maximize the strategic and financial value of the College’s housing system. The 66-year-old institution had grown over the years into a fully developed campus, enabling it to become a collaborative community and driving the College to take stock of its vision to build student character and prepare students for success in a complex global community. B&D’s role was to guide Fisher in developing a framework for the College to filter decisions through, and to ensure that any new development promoted community and academic success for Fisher’s students.

In preparing its housing plan, B&D described the steps the College should take in order to strategically reorient its housing system, strengthen the collaborative student community, and prepare for any future growth. The planning process began with B&D leading its proprietary Strategic Asset Value visioning session with key College stakeholders to clearly articulate their vision for the housing master plan. B&D then initiated a series of analyses, including a demand and program assessment, deferred maintenance and capital improvement analysis, and a competitive context and off-campus housing analysis.

Informed by the findings of its research and analysis, B&D provided the following student housing recommendations to help drive the College toward its targeted new reality:

• For first-year students, renovate and reconfigure the existing space in three of the existing residence halls to include the creation of appropriate social, learning, and recreational common areas.
• Replace one of the existing upper-division residence halls and add a wing to another, thus increasing the inventory of single-occupancy units, aligning the College with best practices, putting it ahead of its peers and aspirants, and making it more competitive with the off-campus market.
• Develop a 150-bed senior / graduate student residential village to provide these students the experience of independent living while still being close to the campus core.
• Phase the proposed housing master plan over a 10-year period to increase bed count from 1,339 to 1,525.

This housing master plan creates a framework for a thoroughly integrated academic and residential environment that promotes campus cohesion through usable, open green spaces and enhanced connectivity and linkages.