University of Louisville


Student Housing Master Plan Advisory Services

Client Opportunities

Define a plan to address the current deficit of beds on campus as identified in B&D’s 2016 Student Housing Market and Demand Assessment

Address the discrepancy between the quality of campus-owned, on-campus residence halls and other student housing options

Refine decisions regarding program, site, budget, quality, ownership, and financing structure


B&D Approach

Compiled model programs for each renovation and new construction project, including estimated size and quantity of bedrooms, bathrooms, and common spaces

Evaluated potential housing sites based on their strategic location and estimated bed capacity to determine the project’s ideal location

Developed a financial model that reflected all anticipated revenue and expenses, development budgets, and design and construction period cash flows

Illustrated the financial benefits and risk of several ownership structures, including public-private partnerships (P3s)

Analyzed development costs and P3 deal structures of recent student housing projects at peer institutions and other regional universities

Developed phasing strategies to ensure that a sufficient number of on-campus beds could be maintained


Project Outcomes

Developed program concepts for a mix of renovation, replacement, and new construction projects:

– Demolish and replace Miller Residence Hall (680 beds)

– Renovate and expand Threlkeld Residence Hall (290 beds)

– New Honors Housing on Kurz Lot Siten(400 beds)

The new Honors Housing will include semi-suite style housing with lounges, study spaces, classrooms, and advising offices with first floor retail

B&D providing advisory support throughout the RFP development and subsequent evaluation of potential P3 partners and deal structures