University of Alabama at Birmingham


Student Housing Master Plan Advisory Services


  • Update its student housing master plan in response to strong enrollment demand in both undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Assess current and future housing demand while developing a long-term strategy to accommodate anticipated growth through 2021


  • Provided a values-based, data-driven assessment to help the university choose which populations to focus on for housing and how to select the building projects needed to meet current and future housing demand
  • Determined ancillary impacts of housing plans on student health, dining, and policing
  • Created a financial analysis and development phasing plan to help guide future construction and renovation projects
  • Designed a plan to ensure that construction projects kept pace with, but did not outpace, the university’s enrollment growth
  • Advised the university to begin programming the first residence hall and explore partnership opportunities with off-campus developers


  • A two-part development approach included two new residence halls to accommodate first- and second-year students
  • Most third- and fourth-year students shifted to off-campus housing while retaining 400 beds on campus as a contingency for that population