Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania


Student Housing Master Plan

In 2007 Shippensburg University engaged B&D to develop a student housing master plan which was intended to assess its existing student housing facilities relative to the demands of its students and provide recommendations on how to improve or develop facilities to meet those demands. Our work included: a review of existing conditions and enrollment; interviews with staff, students, and campus planners; a review of the university’s housing finances; an off-campus and on-campus housing analysis; focus groups with students, faculty, and staff; and development of a housing demand model and long-term capital costs and revenue projections. Our research revealed dissatisfaction among students with current housing, and we recommended a financially feasible approach to replacing the entire inventory through public-private partnerships to be built in three phases. As a result, in 2011 the university kicked off a four-year, $200 million housing development project. The 924-bed, $70 million first phase (McLean Hall II, Presidents Hall, and Seavers Hall) was completed in 2013 and earned LEED certification the following year. The 922-bed, $65 million second phase (Keefer Hall, Lackhove Hall, and McCune Hall) was completed in 2014.