East Stroudsburg University

East Stroudsburg,

Student Housing Master Plan

In 2007 East Stroudsburg University needed a student housing master plan to assess its facilities relative to student demands and to make recommendations on how to meet those demands. When B&D was hired for this work, the scope included a market analysis to determine the nature and extent of student housing demand and a financial analysis to determine the feasibility of developing/redeveloping housing facilities. At the time the university had eight residence halls, mostly situated in the core of campus and all built in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. There was also housing off campus in privately-owned apartment buildings. Upon completion of our study, we discovered demand for approximately 600 additional beds to meet existing demand and expected enrollment increases. New beds would enable the university to meet the demand of future students over the next three years, and would allow more flexibility for demolition and renovations of some of the existing residence halls. The university moved forward with the development of two new residence halls totaling 969 beds; the $74 million Hawthorn Suites and Hemlock Suites opened in 2012.