Millersville University


Student Housing Master Plan

In 2008 Millersville University engaged B&D, in association with WTW Architects, to develop a student housing master plan. This plan was intended to assess the university’s existing student housing facilities relative to the demands of the campus population and provide recommendations on how to improve existing facilities (or develop new facilities, if needed) to meet these demands. Our scope of work included a detailed market analysis to determine the nature and extent of demand for new/renovated student housing and a financial analysis to determine the feasibility of redeveloping/developing new or renovating student housing facilities. To provide a strategy for addressing the university’s housing needs, we conducted a series of analyses to evaluate its housing and market position versus competitors. We tested various scenarios with students to understand their recommendations regarding the future of Millersville’s facilities. Finally, to project specific levels of demand for housing, we surveyed the students regarding unit type preferences. We also prepared a financial model that utilized inputs provided by the university regarding financial transactions related to the housing projects. This model examined multiple scenarios with respect to the size and phasing of each project. The 2,000-bed, $180 million housing project proceeded in three phases, with the first phase completed in 2014.