Bradley University


Student Housing Master Plan

In 2011 B&D was selected by Bradley University to develop a student housing master plan. The university desired a feasible plan to address an aging housing system that put the institution at a competitive disadvantage when compared to peer institutions. Our scope of work included student focus groups, a competitive context analysis, an off-campus housing market analysis, a student survey, and a detailed financial analysis. Based on results from an Internet-based student survey, we projected demand for a variety of unit types at specific rental rates tested in the survey. Applying findings from our market analysis and demand projections—and in the context of university priorities—we proposed three scenarios, each of which showed varying levels of demolition and new construction projects to accommodate the identified demand. The final recommendation outlined a phasing plan that would gradually take six traditional-style residence halls offline. These buildings would be replaced over a 10-year period with new suite-style residence halls that were shown to be highly desired among students. The 10-year phasing plan was modeled in a system-wide operating pro forma that projected feasibility based on tested rental rates.