East Stroudsburg University

East Stroudsburg,

Student Housing Market Study Updates And Financial Review

In 2008 East Stroudsburg University wanted a market study update for a new student housing project that would correspond with the original master plan findings. B&D had put together that master plan and we were called on for this update. We examined existing and future conditions relative to on- and off-campus housing, quantified the demand for the proposed housing project, established style preferences, and determined interest in amenities. Focus groups and surveys helped to assess future needs, selection criteria, preferences, and demographic profiles. We identified a demand for additional beds that would serve its present needs and anticipated enrollment growth. In 2011, we were again retained to update our 2008 findings and provided an off-campus market assessment, focus groups, surveys, and our proprietary Demand-Based Programming analysis. The university moved forward with the development of two new residence halls totaling 969 beds; the $74 million Hawthorn Suites and Hemlock Suites opened in 2012. We were asked to return to campus in 2014 and 2016 to keep the market analysis up-to-date.