Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Lock Haven,

Student Housing Market Study, Financial Development Plan, And Market Study Update

In 2008 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania retained B&D, in association with WRT Architects, to prepare a student housing market study to assess the university’s student housing facilities relative to the demands of the campus population, and to provide recommendations on how to improve existing facilities or develop new ones to meet the demands. Our work included: a review of existing conditions; interviews with the university’s housing staff, student affairs, financial officers, and admissions staff; an off-campus market analysis; an on-campus market analysis to calculate how changes would affect existing facilities; and focus groups with students. Our resulting recommendations included the both renovation of existing housing and the development of additional housing. As a result, we were retained again in 2009 to develop a housing master plan, including a financial plan detailing financing options, housing rate impact, and the advantages and disadvantages of each housing option. We also participated in the development and evaluation of project concepts. In 2010, we were hired again, this time to provide an updated housing market analysis. The university opened the 205,000 SF Fairview Suites in 2012, a $43 million facility that houses 684 students. In 2012 we returned to campus to update our housing market analysis—through an off-campus assessment and a competitive context analysis—to reflect the new Fairview Suites and to understand the future direction of the university’s housing program.