California State University, Fullerton


Student Housing Market Study

California State University, Fullerton contracted B&D in 2013 to conduct a market assessment for a potential student housing development on CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation land. The project would provide housing for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a mixed-use environment. A qualitative and quantitative analysis was sought for determining how best to address the development—one that would increase student housing as well as enhance the campus edge. Our scope of work consisted of focus group interviews to test student preferences, price points, and demand. An off-campus market analysis also was performed in order to understand the local housing market, while a student survey was administered to quantify and pinpoint decision factors. We then quantified bed demand for the residential portion of the project. As a result, we identified the existence of strong student support for the proposed development. Specifically, the demand analysis conservatively demonstrated a need for 684 beds. The data also revealed that price points for the new housing could be reduced by eliminating some amenities that already existed in nearby campus developments. In addition, we outlined the potential of using a third-party developer, specific retail concepts, and the pros and cons of additional parking.