Campus Living Villages


Student Housing Market Studies

Campus Living Villages has engaged B&D nearly a dozen times to evaluate the demand for off-campus student housing near campuses nationwide. Usually B&D is charged with evaluating the acquisition or new development of off-campus apartment complexes for students. The purpose of these studies is to examine existing and future market conditions. We are able to quantify the demand for the housing projects, incorporating qualitative information such as students’ amenity, unit-style, and programming preferences. Our tasks usually include: gaining an understanding of how students perceive existing housing on and off campus through focus groups and interviews; developing an understanding of overall industry trends and the local market; understanding the on-campus housing, future development plans, and goals that could impact the off-campus market; measuring the size of the target off-campus market; and projecting demand for new student housing. We have successfully determined in each assignment whether there is sufficient demand to support each of their projects.