Transfield Holdings Proprietary Limited


Student Housing Market Overview

By 2006, Transfield Holdings Pty Ltd, through its recent acquisition of Century Development—now branded as Campus Living Villages (CLV)—had become a major player in the U.S. student housing market. To understand the extent to which an opportunity existed to substantially increase CLV’s student housing portfolio, Transfield contracted B&D in 2006 to provide an overview of the U.S. student housing market. We were tasked with analyzing how the U.S. student housing market was likely to evolve over the next ten years, with a specific focus on the amount of on- and near-off-campus student housing that would need to be constructed to keep pace with student demand. Private student housing development is evaluated as an industry by focusing on the key demographic trends that drive demand patterns nationally, regionally, and by institution class. We initiated our study by collecting and examining data on higher education. However, since this information primarily supported public policy decisions, and because student housing typically has been viewed as falling outside the focus of academic policy, there was no existing data that presented a comprehensive view of the U.S. student housing industry. We took on the challenge of creating this comprehensive view by analyzing and reorganizing higher education data that had been produced for other purposes. Our final report provided Transfield with a comprehensive market overview designed to help investors more thoroughly comprehend the scope, composition, and nature of the U.S. student housing market.