Texas A&M University-Commerce


Student Housing Market Assessment

B&D was engaged by Texas A&M University-Commerce and Education Realty Trust in 2015 to conduct a student housing market demand assessment for a proposed housing project. Possessing a two-year live-on requirement, the university saw a 31% enrollment growth between 2011 and 2015 and expected grow another 47% over the next five years. The proposed 490-bed campus development not only would provide the housing needed to accommodate this growth, but also would assist with recruiting and retention efforts. Our scope of work included a review of the university’s existing housing inventory, a student demographic analysis to identify enrollment trends, and a student survey to confirm demand for the proposed project. Based on our research and analysis, we recommended that the university move forward with the project. Demand was supported by the university’s commitment to the two-year live-on policy, strong enrollment growth targets, and a maximum potential demand well in excess of the planned supply, especially for first-year students. The planned development had a strong amenities package and would be a significant improvement over the University’s existing facility. We further recommended the developer and the university be mindful of the facility’s planned cost premium to ensure it does not exceed the tested housing rates.