Los Angeles,

Student Housing Market Analysis

In 2008 CityView needed a student housing market analysis to evaluate the current and future supply and demand near the University of Southern California. They also needed to understand the students’ housing preferences, area rental rates, and local student housing operating expenses, along with an outline of a program that could aid their analysis of a development. When B&D was hired for this analysis, our tasks included: a demographic analysis of the market area; interviews and focus groups with students; a detailed analysis of the off-campus market; and a recommendation for the programmatic and financial viability of the proposed project. We determined that specific amenities like recreational offerings, laundry facilities, 24-hour security, and parking would help any new development be competitive. We also recommended that the student-oriented complex have ground floor retail, competitive amenities, and affordable single-occupancy units and that two building programs—each with 400 to 500 beds—would be viable and attractive to their student population.