Keck Graduate Institute


Student Housing Market Analysis

Hanover Pacific, LLC, on behalf of the Claremont Colleges, selected B&D in 2014 to conduct a market assessment to confirm demand for a housing development on the Keck Graduate Institute campus. One of seven higher education institutions in the Claremont Colleges consortium, the institute had experienced a 67% enrollment increase since 2012 and expected continued growth of approximately 300 additional students over the next four years. The proposed housing development was anticipated to serve graduate students, faculty, and staff. Our scope of work included a review of the Institute’s housing inventory; a student/faculty/staff demographic analysis to identify trends; and an off-campus market analysis to understand the local housing market. Faculty, staff, and students were then surveyed to quantify their housing and amenity preferences and their desire for campus-affiliated housing. The survey results informed an analysis that quantified demand details for the potential development. Our research and analysis supported recommendations that included adding 129 beds in one- and two-bedroom configurations. It was further recommended that the development include the amenities most demanded in the survey (a coffee shop, fitness center, and swimming pool), and that it be located within a mile of the campus edge.