Buffalo State College


Student Housing Market Analysis (2012)

In 2012 Buffalo State College selected B&D to assess demand for additional on-campus student housing. Despite the recent opening of the 500-bed Student Apartment Complex, the college had experienced six consecutive years of higher than 100% occupancy, along with a sizable wait list. The objective of this study was to identify demographic trends, understand the competitive landscape of the off-campus housing market, determine demand for additional on-campus housing, and understand housing preferences for both on-campus residents and commuter students. Our approach entailed both qualitative and quantitative research that included input from administrators, students, and staff. We examined BSC’s existing conditions with respect to enrollment trends, demographic composition, and off-campus market conditions, and applied these analyses toward quantifying housing demand. We identified demand for 400 to 450 additional on-campus beds. Later that year, we were retained to conduct a campus-wide student survey to further evaluate demand. In addition, a financial analysis was conducted to assess potential costs and revenues, as well as to outline a viable project phasing strategy.