Miami University Hamilton


Student Housing Market Analysis

In 2004 Miami University Hamilton sought an analysis of its off-campus and regional market and projections of demand for on-campus student housing. B&D was retained for this study and was further tasked with determining whether privately developed on-campus housing would be feasible. Our scope of work included: identifying institutional values to define development options; analyzing the demographics of the target market; conducting focus groups with students, faculty, and staff to define their housing preferences; analyzing competitive regional peer institutions; studying the off-campus housing market; sending an electronic survey to students to quantify housing demands; and providing a model to project demand for on-campus housing based on survey and analysis data. Our research revealed there was verifiable demand for on-campus housing of approximately 300 beds in a mix of styles. Based on a low financial risk tolerance, we recommended the university pursue developing an on-campus apartment complex through a public-private partnership.