Cheyney University of Pennsylvania


Student Housing Market Analysis

In 2007, when Cheyney University of Pennsylvania needed a student housing market analysis, it engaged our services. The analysis was intended to assess its existing housing facilities relative to the demands and preferences of the campus population and to provide guidance on whether to renovate or build new housing. Our work consisted of: a review of existing conditions; interviews, focus groups, and surveys of faculty, staff, and students; a study of the off-campus market; and development of a demand model showing various unit types. Our research showed significant dissatisfaction among students regarding current housing and we recommended major changes be made, including the development of new facilities, in order to put the university in a better position to attract and retain students, and compete more effectively. As a result, the University proceeded with the development of a new 398-bed, suite-style residence hall. This 127,000 square foot, $44 million living-learning facility opened in 2012.