California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo,

Student Housing Market Analysis

California Polytechnic State University selected B&D in 2012 to complete a student housing market study to determine whether the university’s campus housing offerings should increase. The university enrolled approximately 18,500 students and was experiencing an increase in applications and first-time freshman enrollment. The university viewed housing as a critical element for supporting students and building a sense of community, and its campus housing had had an occupancy rate of 99% for the previous several years. We were tasked with quantifying the need for more campus housing, assessing student input and off-campus market factors related to housing, and qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing how best to address future campus housing needs. Our scope of work included student focus groups, an off-campus market analysis, a peer benchmarking analysis, a student survey, and a demand analysis. We determined that the university’s housing was competitively priced, and that there was demand for approximately 2,000 more beds in varying configurations including semi-suite and full suite, which could focus on developing a sophomore experience and maintain the sense of community established within the existing first-year residence halls. Additional apartment units also demonstrated sufficient market demand and could be developed to meet upper-division students’ needs.