University of Toledo


Student Housing Demand Analysis And Update

In 1999 and again in 2001, the University of Toledo selected B&D to determine the market demand for additional on-campus housing. The university historically had experienced a consistently high level of demand for on-campus housing, and while the off-campus market helped absorb many of these students, a significant quantity desired on-campus housing for at least a portion of their tenure at the university. Furthermore, the university expressed a desire to develop new housing to supplement its current stock, help foster a campus community, appeal to a broader cross-section of its student population, and strengthen the residence hall experience. We were charged in 1999 and 2001 with testing the current demand for student housing and to act as a barometer for future residential expansion. Accordingly, we completed a market analysis including an off-campus market analysis, peer institution review, and a student survey. The results yielded demand for 1,000 beds in the short-term, which prompted the university to build the $33 million Presidents Hall (formerly The Crossings), a 626-bed, suite-style, living-learning hall that opened in 2002 to full occupancy. In addition, the results from our study illustrated an increased demand for housing on-campus in the form of 1,000 suite-style and 3,000 apartment-style units, leading the university to evaluate developing additional housing to meet the assessed growing demand. In 2005 the university took additional steps to meet demand by opening the 626-bed Ottawa House, a 271,000 SF, $44 million complex that received an AIA Cincinnati Merit Award and a 2007 AIA Ohio Merit Award.