Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

Kansas City,

Student Housing And Student Life/services Analysis

In 2016 B&D was retained by Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences to evaluate its student life portfolio. To advance KCU’s interest in making improvements outside of the classroom, we began a comprehensive assessment of its space needs for services including student housing, student recreation, foodservice, and student study spaces. Our methodology was highly personalized to fit KCU’s unique student body comprised of approximately 1,100 graduate and medical students, 700 of whom were using campus facilities while the remainder completed their medical rotations. KCU did not offer on-campus housing and had limited offerings for student recreation and foodservice spread across its campus, comprising more than 100,000 square feet of physical space. Therefore, our work yielded answers to the following strategic questions: (1) is there demand for on-campus student housing, and if so, how can the demanded product be delivered; (2) what is the demand for expanded student health and wellness offerings, particularly recreation and dining; (3) where on campus should student housing and health and wellness services be located; and (4) what is the impact of the resulting projects on the inventory of student study space—the most demanded type of space on campus—and how should KCU meet this demand? The assessment included student focus groups, a competitive context analysis, an off-campus housing market analysis, an online student survey, a demand analysis, and financial modeling for university-held and private partner-held deals.