University of Akron


Student Housing And Recreation Feasibility Analysis

The University of Akron retained B&D in 1997 to provide a strategic plan for on-campus student housing and a new student recreation center. At the time, the university could only house ten percent of its student population and did not provide the quality or quantity of recreation facilities to respond to students’ needs. The upgrade and expansion of these facilities was intended to serve as a recruiting and retention tool. Our work entailed feasibility studies that included market analysis, programming, financial analysis, and site capacity analysis. We also performed a competitive context study, detailed demographic analysis, focus groups, off-campus research, and detailed surveys to assess and project demand. The proposed improvements were tested under different financial scenarios and various sites were examined for their ability to house any new facilities. As a result, in 2004 the university completed construction of the 300-bed Honors Complex and the 14,000 SF student recreation and wellness center.