Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Student Housing And Dining Master Plan

Southern Illinois University Carbondale retained the services of B&D in January 2003 to conduct a comprehensive master plan of its university housing and dining facilities. Our scope of work included a physical audit of existing facilities, a detailed market analysis including focus groups and a Web-based survey, financial planning and phasing analyses, and a peer school review. We worked with Solomon Cordwell Buenz Architects, who conducted the facilities audit and prepared concept plans for a variety of renovations and new project concepts. Also on the consultant team was Envision Strategies for an update to the dining plan completed several years earlier. Concurrent with this master plan was the publication of the “Southern at 150” vision document, which the university prepared as a broad set of goals and objectives for its 150th anniversary 2019. Therefore, the master plan used this planning document to set the context for a comprehensive housing plan with a focus on living-learning environments. This planning philosophy extended throughout all project recommendations and was integrated into all financial analyses. The master plan also used as its “planning horizon” the year 2019 so the university could project and measure its success in meeting the plan’s goals. Additionally, the master plan examined a variety of project delivery methods and enabled the university to determine the most advantageous financing options for each project.