Indiana University


Student Housing And Dining Management Advisory Services

In 2014 Indiana University engaged us to complete a comprehensive operations assessment of its student housing and campus dining programs for its Bloomington, Southeast, New Albany, and South Bend campuses. The university sought to use our findings to identify areas where it could create housing and dining operating efficiencies as a multi-campus system, improve internal cross-functional communication and collaboration between housing and dining, and create a cohesive student life experience that reflected each campus’s individual identity and the system’s overarching goals. Our scope of work included interviews with key stakeholders and students, housing facility tours, and dining venue walkthroughs. This onsite work helped inform our recommendations regarding operational changes that would increase foot traffic to facilities and drive revenues. Additionally, we reviewed the university’s overall operating processes, housing policies, procurement processes, IT initiatives, capital planning, and financial performance to identify policy and procedural areas for change within the housing and dining spheres, and opportunities to increase collaboration between the two. Our plan resulted in targeted, campus-by-campus recommendations, as well as system-wide policy suggestions. We concluded that several administrative structural adjustments would help improve the procurement process and ease of oversight and general administration. We also proposed improvements to operational components such as dining hours of operation, pricing structures, service style, and payment format to meet students’ expectations, as well as align dining programs with those of peer institutions and industry best practices.