University of Utah

Salt Lake City,

Student Housing and Academic Facility Programming and Financial Analysis

Client Opportunity

  • Construct a facility for entrepreneurial technology that also had a residential component
  • Develop a financial and feasibility analysis, based on a combination of donations and traditional university financing, to better understand how to make this project a reality

B&D Process

  • Analyzed and right-sized the architectural program, capital budget, and operating pro forma to achieve the project’s vision and financial goals
  • Determined the overall unit-type mix for the project’s residential portion and developed a detailed operating model
  • Constructed a capital budget to maximize the project program and test housing configurations
  • Served as the project’s programming and financial lead, and acted as liaison between the university and the project’s donor

Project Highlights

  • The 148,000 square foot Lassonde Studios opened in August 2016, housing more than 400 unique student residences
  • Contains a 20,000 square foot ‘garage’ where any student on campus can build a prototype, attend an event, or launch a company