Los Angeles Community College District

Los Angeles,

Student Housing Advisory Services

In the fall of 2016, Brailsford & Dunlavey was engaged by the Los Angeles Community College District to provide advisory services for phase one of the District’s student housing needs assessment. Recognizing its impact on the student community and the community at large in each of its four locations, the District sought to understand student demand for on-campus housing to promote and improve student retention and academic outcomes. Four of the District’s colleges were identified for this study― Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Harbor College, and West Los Angeles College.

B&D’s assessment of the District’s opportunity to provide on-campus student housing involved demand and market analyses for all four colleges, the results of which showed the level of student interest at each campus.

As the District assesses the opportunity to provide student housing on the four campuses, B&D recommended the following steps for consideration:

  • LA City, Pierce, and West LA should be considered for on-campus housing, based on the market and demand analyses; Harbor College should be excluded from any further study at this time, due to insufficient demand.
  • A financial feasibility assessment should be performed before any final decisions are made to move forward at LA City, Pierce, West LA.
  • A more thorough demand analysis should also be completed to better understand the international students’ interest in housing.
  • Further clarification is needed before the District moves forward, including: the vision-drivers for housing; confirmation that the concept of student housing aligns with each campus’s mission; verification of the land availability for housing; and an understanding of the District’s interest in providing additional services to support a residential campus.