University of California, Berkeley


Student, Faculty, And Staff Housing Feasibility Study

In 2001 the University of California, Berkeley selected B&D to evaluate the potential of building university-sponsored housing in areas with available land near the campus. Because the university is located in a low-supply, high-demand real estate market, addressing future demand for university-affiliated housing in Oakland was a key goal of the project. We were charged with developing a housing plan as part of the university’s larger Century Plan, which guides future campus development. Accordingly, we completed a market analysis to determine student, faculty, and staff demand for university-affiliated housing facilities. The analysis included focus groups, tours of the local housing market, and future demand projections that relied on student, faculty, and staff survey responses about housing type and location preferences. Our analysis confirmed the university’s belief that there was a significant shortfall of university-affiliated housing to meet the demand for such facilities. We also confirmed that students were interested in remaining in very close proximity to the university.